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Manage EVs. Balance the grid.

Smartcar allows energy and electric utility providers to remotely monitor their customers’ electric vehicles and manage residential EV charging.

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Battery level

Retrieve the state of charge (SoC) and the remaining range from an electric vehicle with a single API request.

Charging status

Know when your customer’s EV is plugged in and if the battery is currently charging.

Start & stop charge

Start and stop charging your customer’s vehicle remotely to balance their preferred schedule with the current electric grid load.

Get & set charge limit

Check and set the charge limit for EVs to effectively manage grid load expectations while optimizing battery life for your customers.

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Find out how our technology caters to your business

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Integrate EV charging into the electric grid

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Offer smart charging solutions

Empower your customers to manage their charging schedules directly from their electric utility account. Trigger vehicles to start charging during low-cost hours to offer dynamic pricing to your customers.

Power demand response programs

Let customers opt in to automatically start and stop charging their vehicles at the best times to balance the load on your network.

Expand electricity usage dashboards

Provide an entirely digital interface for your customers to monitor and manage their electric vehicle usage as part of their overall energy consumption.

Draw valuable business insights

Monitor EV charging

Draw actionable insights from your customers’ EV charging patterns and preferences.

Inform dynamic pricing

Optimize time-of-use rates based on your customers’ charging habits and your overall EV charging load.

Manage your in-house fleet

Use our affordable and scalable API solution to manage your company-owned electric vehicles.

The benefits of Smartcar’s APIs

Entirely hardware-free

Entirely hardware-free

Smartcar’s technology doesn’t require any aftermarket hardware. Our documentation and SDKs allow you to easily integrate our APIs into any web portal or mobile app.

Smartcar allows you to integrate with most battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) through our unified platform.

Thanks to our user-friendly Smartcar Connect flow, your customers can connect their vehicles to their electric utility account within seconds.

What our customers say

“When looking for an electric vehicle API provider, Smartcar was the only option to fit the bill. Instead of calling out to tons of  different vehicle APIs, we only need to call out to one.”

Casey Donahue

CEO at Optiwatt

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