April 11, 2019

Introducing the Smartcar odometer API

Charlotte Kosche

Sr. Content Writer

Smartcar is proud to present its odometer verification API! ⏲🏁

Our odometer API endpoint lets app developers remotely access a car's mileage information, using just a few lines of code.

Whether you're building a mobile app for peer-to-peer car sharing or a web app for mileage-based car insurance, you might want to retrieve a car's odometer instantly and at low cost. Smartcar's API is the right tool for that, as it supports different application architectures, is easy to integrate with, and can be applied to a variety of use cases.

With a single HTTP GET request, you will obtain the total distance travelled by a vehicle, regardless of the car's brand or model. The best part? There is no need for aftermarket hardware like OBD2 dongles, mileage trackers, or GPS tracking devices.

This is what your request to Smartcar's odometer endpoint would look like in Python:

And this is only the beginning... Beside Python, we offer SDKs in five other languages, integration guides for different architectures, and - of course - other API endpoints.

Check out our docs to discover more, sign up for a free account on our dashboard, and let us know if you have any questions!

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