Introducing the Smartcar EV API (beta)

Karthik Bhaskara

Sr. Software Engineer

Today, we're thrilled to give you a sneak peek of our two newest API endpoints. Meet the Smartcar electric vehicle API. 🔋⚡

Currently in beta stage, our EV API endpoints allows you to retrieve an electric vehicle's current battery level and to know whether the car is currently charging. All this works on most battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles across brands and without aftermarket hardware.

🔋 The EV battery endpoint lets you access:

  • The state of charge (SOC) of an EV battery, in percent
  • The remaining range, in kilometers or miles

⚡ The EV charging status endpoint returns whether an electric vehicle:

  • Is or isn't plugged in
  • Is charging, isn't charging, or is fully charged

To request early access to this beta product, please get in touch! Stay tuned for further updates until the official launch.

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