We're thrilled to roll out Smartcar Connect Match, a Pro feature that personalizes onboarding and ensures 100% accuracy in the Smartcar Connect flow.

Smartcar Connect without Match

Smartcar Connect lets your customers quickly and easily link their cars to your application. Usually, customers select their vehicle brand, sign in, and select the car(s) they wish to link to your app. If a customer owns multiple vehicles of the same brand, they can choose to link one or more cars from a list of checkboxes.

The usual Smartcar Connect flow without Match.

Smartcar Connect with Match

In some cases, your might want to limit customers to linking only one vehicle at a time. This is where Connect Match comes in handy.

Connect Match

The simple version of Connect Match limits customers to selecting only a single checkbox on the vehicle selection screen. By ensuring that customers link only one vehicle at a time, your application can more easily process and store related information.

Connect Match with VIN

If your customer's vehicle is already on file in your application, you can use Connect Match with VIN. This more advanced feature personalizes the onboarding experience even further. With 100% accuracy, it ensures that customers link the right vehicle to your application.

To use Connect Match with VIN, simply pass in the VIN of your customer's car when launching Smartar Connect. Your customer now automatically skips the vehicle selection step and directly reviews permissions for that specific car.

Connect Match (left) and Connect Match with VIN (right).

Connect Match is our second Pro feature. Don't forget to read about our first Pro feature, Smartcar Connect Direct.

Stay tuned for further announcements and schedule a demo with our Sales team to learn more!