Today, we're excited to announce Smartcar Connect Compatibility, a Connect Pro feature that helps target your app's power users while reducing friction in the Smartcar Connect flow.

Smartcar Connect without Compatibility

Usually, when your customers go through Smartcar Connect, they select their car brand, sign in, and grant your application access to a list of permissions (e.g. read odometer, access location, and lock/unlock car doors). Once those steps are complete, Smartcar runs a compatibility check, making sure that the customer's vehicle is compatible with the required permissions. If the vehicle is incompatible, Smartcar lets your customer know and sends the information back to your application.

Smartcar Connect with Compatibility

Connect Compatibility allows you to move the compatibility check from the very end to the very beginning of Smartcar Connect. In fact, it allows you to verify whether a vehicle is eligible before even launching Smartcar Connect in the first place.

Connect Compatibility checks whether a vehicle is eligible before sending customers through Smartcar Connect.

By selectively showing Smartcar Connect to customers with compatible vehicles only, your application can target exactly those customers who are able to use your Smartcar-powered features, while reducing friction for those who can't. This will simplify the overall user experience, increase your application's usage, and improve customer satisfaction.

Connect Compatibility is our third Pro feature. If you haven't already, make sure to read our previous announcements about Connect Direct and Connect Match.

To learn more about these features and how they add value to your business, schedule a demo with our Sales team.