Road usage charge

Don’t get left behind. Scale road usage charge with APIs.

What technology do you need to implement gas tax alternatives at scale?

The automotive market is moving fast, consumer privacy remains top of mind, and data standardization is within reach. 97% of EVs are connected — and there’s no better time than now to roll out a pay-per-mile taxation system powered by embedded telematics.

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Enroll more drivers without any aftermarket hardware

Our guide to electrification for road usage charge features real examples of how embedded telematics increases opt-in and adoption rates. Download a copy to learn about:

  • Current market readiness for this technology
  • How Smartcar’s API platform standardizes vehicle integrations across brands
  • Building an experience that protects the data privacy and integrity of vehicle owners

A better way to scale mileage-based user fees

Smartcar uses a single integration to communicate with 37 compatible brands and access data like odometer readings, VINs, and vehicle location. Our platform gives organizations the flexibility to configure data permissions according to specific program requirements — like opting for odometer readings with only timestamps or with location data included.

Comprehensive coverage

Smartcar is compatible with over 80 million vehicles in the United States and 100+ EV models.

Best developer and implementation experience

Our docs, SDKs, and self-service experience gives developers and IT firms the easiest way to scale vehicle integrations for collecting mileage-based user fees.

Trusted partners for your program

Get the help and guidance you need from our experts on the support channels you prefer the most.

Leading brands trust Smartcar

Smartcar powers commercial apps and services for some of the world’s leading mobility businesses.

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“We searched the globe for the right technology partner and found an industry-leading partner in Smartcar. Smartcar's team consists of innovative thinkers who push their own limits to provide more value for each use case.”

Michael Reth

CEO at Axiom Connected

“I was completely awestruck that Smartcar enables insurers to connect to over 161 million vehicles—a number that’s vastly superior to other solutions on the market. This is a huge step forward for the insurance telematics industry.”

Ryan Morrison

Founder and CEO at True Mileage

“We couldn’t think of an easier way to remotely monitor and manage our customers’ electric vehicles. The Smartcar platform is straightforward, easy to integrate with, and compatible across car brands.”

John Diklev

CEO and Founder at Flower

“Smartcar is making it easier than ever for us to build new and innovative mobility experiences with connected vehicles.”

Andre Haddad

CEO at Turo

“Not only does the Smartcar platform provide amazing technology, but their team also helped us integrate in just a few weeks, which enabled us to scale incredibly fast!”

Scott Case

CEO and Co-Founder at Recurrent