Unlock predictive maintenance with Smartcar

Learn how Smartcar helps autocare retailers, dealerships, repair shops, and more automate data retrieval across brands to enable predictive maintenance alerts, boost customer engagement, and increase service transactions.

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    Why integrate with Smartcar?

    This guide explores how a connected car API helps businesses elevate vehicle maintenance by: 

    • Enabling predictive maintenance via regular data retrievals.
    • Simplifying customer opt-in and onboarding processes.
    • Future-proofing their business without costly telematics hardware, developer investment, and technician training

    Leading brands trust Smartcar

    Smartcar powers commercial apps and services for some of the world’s leading mobility businesses.

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    Through our collaboration with Smartcar, Treads is advancing its vision of transforming how drivers interact with their vehicles. With the Treads app, drivers can now access their vehicle's vital information right from the palm of their hands.

    Zach Olson

    Founder and CEO

    “Our goal is to provide customers more precise predictions on when they might need to service their vehicles. We’re making this happen by using Smartcar to get a vehicle’s real-time mileage and predict its next tire, brake, and oil change.”

    Alessandro Mannino

    Director of Product at Bumper