July 25, 2018

Announcing multi-application support

Emre Sonmez

Software Engineer

Today, we’re bringing you two exciting updates to our developer dashboard: the ability to register multiple apps and a simplified app view that makes it easier to get started with Smartcar.

Read on for more details, or launch the dashboard to explore the improvements we’ve made! 🎉

Here’s what’s new:

Configure multiple apps

You can now create and manage multiple application configurations in our dashboard. Simple select your user name from the top menu bar and select the app you want to edit or add redirect URIs to.

Register multiple apps from our new apps page.

Simplified app configuration

From redirect URIs to our demo app, our dashboard lets you view everything you need to integrate with Smartcar in one place.

Add redirect uris and easily copy your client ID and secret.

Now it's time to try it out for yourself!

If you have feature requests or feedback (positive, negative, or anything in between!), you can email us or message us directly on Twitter. We read every message and are always (more than) happy to help!

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