November 12, 2019

How to integrate preventive maintenance schedules into fleet management software

Charlotte Kosche

Sr. Content Writer

Preventive maintenance (PM) schedules are a popular fleet management software feature. PM schedules help fleets maximize their vehicle uptime and reduce cost, thus making them happier customers. Smartcar allows fleet management software companies to easily offer preventive maintenance features as part of their product, all without using aftermarket hardware devices or manual inspections. Here’s how.

A well-rounded telematics solution


Beside time, which plays an important role for PM schedules, a vehicle’s mileage is another important factor. How many miles a vehicle has driven since its last check-up determines when the car is due for the next service appointment. Smartcar’s API allows fleet management software businesses to retrieve an accurate odometer reading from vehicles using a single API request.

Tire pressure

Periodically check a vehicle’s tire pressure and notify customers when a vehicle’s tire pressure rises above or falls below a certain threshold.

Engine oil life

Monitor a vehicle’s engine oil life to let fleet owners determine when the car is due for an oil change.

Fuel tank and EV battery

Monitor a vehicles’ fuel tank level or EV battery state of charge. Compare those data points to the amount of miles driven. Warn customers when the vehicle is being driven inefficiently and might be damaged.


If the customer does not perform in-house vehicle repairs, recommend the closest service and repair shops based on a vehicle’s location.

A benefit to fleet management software businesses

In addition to the mentioned features that allow fleet management software businesses to easily offer preventive maintenance schedules as part of their product, the Smartcar API brings a number of overall advantages that our customers benefit from.

Smartcar is a telematics solution that works entirely without aftermarket hardware. To learn more about telematics APIs and their important for fleet management software, check out this blog post.

Our API is standardized across vehicle makes and models. It is easy to integrate into any application architecture, thanks to our friendly documentation and SDKs.

By eliminating the need for aftermarket hardware, Smartcar saves fleet management companies the cost and hassle of selling or leasing hardware to their customers and having to maintain it.

Last but not least, Smartcar allows fleet management software to retrieve accurate and reliable information directly from fleet vehicles. No third party devices, and no more inaccuracies due to inferred data (e.g. an inferred odometer reading based on location and trip information).

Preventive maintenance schedules are a useful fleet management software feature, and Smartcar’s API is a powerful and easy-to-use telematics solution that allows fleet management software companies to offer those features.

To learn more about how your fleet management software company can use Smartcar’s technology, check out our website and schedule a demo. We’re happy to chat!

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