November 13, 2019

Announcing the engine oil life API (beta)

Teddy Wahle

Software Engineer

We're proud to introduce a brand-new API endpoint in beta today. Meet the Smartcar engine oil life API. 💧

Verify a vehicle's engine oil life with a single API request

The Smartcar engine oil life API allows web and mobile apps to retrieve the remaining life span of a vehicle's engine oil with a single API request. The endpoint returns the engine oil's remaining life span as a percentage.

Monitor vehicle health and provide preventive maintenance

Fleet management software businesses as well as vehicle maintenance and repair applications use the Smartcar engine oil life API in their products. They retrieve accurate oil life spans from the vehicles they service in order to monitor vehicle health and provide preventive maintenance scheduling to their customers.

The Smartcar API is compatible across vehicle brands. It doesn't require the use of aftermarket hardware devices. Thanks to those features, our customers have been able to onboard vehicles quickly, reduce cost, and achieve accurate and reliable results. To learn how our product caters to your use case, schedule a demo with our Sales team today.

To request beta access to the API endpoint, please reach out to us via email.

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