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Building the future of mobility

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Our mission

Empowering developers to build the future of mobility

While software has disrupted every other industry for more than a decade, innovation in the mobility space is still surprisingly slow. Today, 80% of cars sold in the U.S. feature built-in internet access, but the software and APIs that would allow apps to communicate with those cars are still fragmented and proprietary to each car brand.

Smartcar is leading the way to open up access to those APIs, powering a new community of innovators in the mobility space. Auto insurance providers use our platform to verify their customers’ mileage and charge lower premiums. Governments implement ways to tax drivers more fairly. Car sharing businesses offer contactless rentals with digital keys. EV charging networks make owning electric vehicles more convenient and affordable. Electric utility providers manage their customers’ EVs to balance the grid and prevent power outages.

By making it easy to connect to their customers’ vehicles, Smartcar allows businesses to focus on what’s important: building the future of mobility.

Meet the team


CEO & Co-Founder

Quintessential early adopter. Perpetual hiker. Smartcar evangelist.


CTO & Co-Founder

Shares equal appreciation for corgis, astrophysics, CRDTs, and vim.


Director of Customer Success

Jack of all trades, obsessed with customer experience. Would instantly fall to the Dark Side if he could use the Force.


Director of People

Creative assistant to Napa the Yorkie. Avid multitasker. Enjoys mango boba.


Director of Marketing

Often sought for slide designs. Occasionally over-caffeinated. Never rushes a bio.


Director of Experience Engineering

Weekend traveler. Amateur runner. Loves family, food, and good design.


Director of Platform Engineering

Bhangra aficionado. Guardian of Smartcar’s eslint rules. Limits mouse usage to six clicks per day.


Senior Accountant II

Life is like accounting, everything must be balanced.


Enterprise Sales Director

Full-time sports junkie. Part-time gamer. I can make a mean PB&J.


Sales Director

Love-Hate Relationship with OrangeTheory. Amateur Spicy Food Enthusiast. Love Hip-Hop & Rock.


Sales Director

Winner of best personality in high school. Unofficial LA comic critic. Flexible vegetarian.


Sales Development Representative

Self-proclaimed professional dog trainer. If you can't find me, I'm at the lake. When life happens, coffee helps.


Senior Account Manager

Avid hoops fan. Intermittent cyclist. Carbonation enthusiast.


Customer Success Manager II

Rugby fanatic. Cold Brew junkie. Fried Chicken Sandwich connoisseur.


Customer Success Manager II

Carb consumer. Golden Retriever in human form. Tiny gnomes.

Steve Lamas

Support Engineer

Comic book collector. Liverpool FC supporter. Audiophile.

Skye Lyon

Support Engineer

Fanfiction writer extraordinaire. Part-time world traveler. Full-time Star Wars and anime theorist.



Serial snacker, part-time vegetarian. Powered by iced coffee and Costco samples.


Talent Sourcer

Fashion enthusiast. Doodle mom. Passionate about green smoothies and reality TV.


Talent Sourcer

Professional pool lounger. Will never skip Taco Tuesday. Modern cars enthusiast.


People Operations Associate

Ice cream connoisseur. Hobby hopper. Artificial plant collector.


Marketing Manager II

Health and fitness enthusiast. Weekend wanderlust. Almond milk latte junkie.

Jessica Oceguera

Demand Generation Manager II

Bay Area local and sports fanatic. True crime binge-watcher. Aspiring adult.


Content Marketing Manager

Avid reader of fiction and sociology. Pasta enthusiast. Loves the gym and long runs.


Senior Designer

Basketballer. A novice cyclist, hiker and snowboarder when the weather permits it.


Sr. Software Engineer II

Self-proclaimed hot sauce connoisseur. Ardent musician. Perennially in search for problems to solve!


Senior Software Engineer

Cup noodle devotee. Ballet nerd. Hates mushrooms.


Senior Software Engineer

Amateur sky diver. Chocolate chip cookie monster. Pokémon Master in training.


Software Engineer II

Weekend chef. Guitar apprentice. Aspiring dire wolf owner.


Senior Software Engineer

Açaí bowl enthusiast. Aspires to visit all the national parks. Occasionally swaps laptop for sketchbook and pencil.


Software Engineer

Diehard overlander. Ambitious photographer. Geeks out about almost anything.


Software Engineer

Linux distro hopper. Travel junkie. Not to be trusted around ice cream.


Software Engineer

Fails to hit the gym consistently. Addicted to buying games, not playing them. Secretly the Flame Hasira.


Associate Software Engineer

Compulsive doodler. When not coding, can be found lifting heavy objects. Fatal flaw: uses light mode.


Chief Puppy Officer

Also known as “Leave it” and “Drop it.” Expert at playing fetch and destroying shoes. Still learning to be the goodest boy.

Napa the Yorkie

Chief Barketing Officer

Foodie. Attention seeker. Professional Instagrammer.


Chief Happiness Officer

A little bit dramatic.


Chief Fluffy Officer

Cuddle monster. Will play fetch at any time unless sleeping. Thinks eating snow is a treat.


Chief Disruption Officer

Moves fast and breaks things.


Junior QA Tester

Aspiring Masters Agility Champion. Life motto: play hard, nap harder.


Head Snack Sourcer

Loves eating apples and tags. If you can't find him, he's either hanging out under the couch or in the shower.


Nap Inspector

Breaks the World Record for longest naps... until she hears the treat bag. Will do anything for cheese.


Chief of Ah-woo's

Little spoon. 111lbs of goob. Snack monster.


Chief Communication Officer

Drama king. Expert Napper. Has a love hate relationship with squirrels.



Rescued from Craigslist. Loves her bumble bee stick toy. Will bop you on the head if provoked.


In-house Crossfit Instructor

Tug of war professional. Has serious hops. AKA Bubby.


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Our investors

Andreessen Horowitz
New Enterprise Associates
Energize Ventures

Our board members

Bill Krause

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)

Forest Baskett

New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

John Tough

Energize Ventures

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