About us

At Smartcar, we empower developers to build the future of mobility. Learn about our mission, our team, and more.

Our mission

Sahas and Sanketh Katta were trying to build an app for their car, when they realized that this was anything but easy. Although vehicles were becoming internet-connected computers on wheels, there was no simple way of creating web and mobile apps for cars. No vehicle brand offered friendly developer portals, API docs, or SDKs. The next wave of mobility was driven by software, but developers were held back and faced too many barriers to entry.

That’s why Sahas and Sanketh founded Smartcar. Our team has created the first and only standard API for cars, letting app developers locate and unlock vehicles with just a few lines of code. That said, our mission is simple. We’re doing the difficult stuff so that you can focus on what’s important: building the future of mobility.

Meet the team

  • Gurpreet


    Bhangra aficionado. Guardian of Smartcar's eslint rules. Limits mouse usage to six clicks per day.

  • Zeenia


    Puppy whisperer. Loves hot and sour soup. Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?

  • Greg


    Climber and Wildcat. Scaling walls and infrastructure.

  • Geng


    Full-time coffee mug. Obscure philosopher and ramen fan. Minifies things for fun.

  • Sanketh

    CTO and Co-Founder

    Shares equal appreciation for corgis, astrophysics, CRDTs, and vim.

  • Mathilde


    Creative assistant to Napa the Yorkie. Avid multitasker. Enjoys mango boba.

  • Napa the Yorkie


    Foodie. Attention seeker. Professional Instagrammer.

  • Sahas

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Quintessential early adopter. Perpetual hiker. Smartcar evangelist.

  • Jack


    Appreciates dad jokes and ES6. Takes pickup basketball games too seriously.

  • Jeremy


    Contemplating societal structure. Highly optimized. Leverage is the word of the month.

  • Sydney


    Sunrise junkie. Podcast fanatic. Has been known to turn apartments into one-woman bakeries.

  • Karthik


    Dreams of owning an alpaca farm. On a journey to find the perfect milk to cereal ratio.

  • Charlotte


    Coffee nerd. Loves language(s) and Helvetica Neue Light. Owns too many jackets.

  • Adolfo


    Tequila aficionado. Latin music lover. Seeking faultless swing force to get first hole-in-one.

  • Allison


    Cup noodle devotee. Ballet nerd. Hates mushrooms.

  • Helena


    Nuts for alternative milk. Nature enthusiast. Disrupting since grade school.

  • Zac


    Van life advocate. Outdoor enthusiast. Equally stoked on hip hop, quantum computing, and BJJ.

  • You

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