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Our mission

Smartcar is the first and only car API for mobility applications. Our platform allows web and mobile apps to locate, unlock, and read the odometer from vehicles across brands. That said, our mission is simple. We’re making it easy to integrate with cars, so that your developers can focus on what’s important: building the future of mobility.

Meet the team

  • Sahas

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Quintessential early adopter. Perpetual hiker. Smartcar evangelist.

  • Sanketh

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Shares equal appreciation for corgis, astrophysics, CRDTs, and vim.

  • Zeenia

    Head of Sales & Biz Dev

    Puppy whisperer. Loves hot and sour soup. Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?

  • Mathilde

    People & Operations Manager

    Creative assistant to Napa the Yorkie. Avid multitasker. Enjoys mango boba.

  • Stephen Sutter

    Account Executive

    Sneakerhead. Concert goer. Can identify me by the sound of my Hydro Flask clinking on the table.

  • Shrey

    Business Development

    Ardent devourer of coffee ice cream. Aviation addict and film score fiend. Life motto - "Extra cheese, please!"

  • Jackie

    People & Operations

    Serial snacker, part-time vegetarian. Powered by iced coffee and Costco samples.

  • Charlotte

    Content Writer

    Coffee nerd. Loves language(s) and Helvetica Neue Light. Owns too many jackets.

  • Kathleen

    Product Designer

    Sci-fi enthusiast. Loves trying new recipes. Aspiring tiny house dweller.

  • Gurpreet

    Senior Software Engineer

    Bhangra aficionado. Guardian of Smartcar's eslint rules. Limits mouse usage to six clicks per day.

  • Karthik

    Software Engineer

    Dreams of owning an alpaca farm. On a journey to find the perfect milk to cereal ratio.

  • Adolfo

    Software Engineer

    Futbol, golf, racquetball, volleyball. Traveler. Food enthusiast.

  • Allison

    Software Engineer

    Cup noodle devotee. Ballet nerd. Hates mushrooms.

  • Helena

    Software Engineer

    Nuts for alternative milk. Nature enthusiast. Disrupting since grade school.

  • Albert

    Software Engineer

    Living a healthy lifestyle, one pizza slice at a time. Aspiring coffee connoisseur. Sweet tooth-er.

  • Teddy

    Software Engineer

    Loves Little Bites pumpkin muffins. Creating a record number of custom Slack emojis in the next 12 weeks.

  • Oreo

    Chief Puppy Officer

    Also known as "Leave it" and "Drop it". Expert at playing fetch and destroying shoes. Still learning to be the goodest boy.

  • Napa the Yorkie

    Chief Barketing Officer

    Foodie. Attention seeker. Professional Instagrammer.

  • Ollie

    Chief Justice

    Meet Oliver Wendell Framroze Jr. Loves love. Known as The Great Assenter, he never says "no" to a belly rub.

  • Lucky

    Chief Happiness Officer

    Can be found napping or chasing balls, tails, and connected cars.

  • You

    Any role

    What would your tag line be?

Our investors

Our board members

  • Bill Krause

    Andreessen Horowitz

  • Forest Baskett


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