Introducing the Smartcar Garage

Zeenia Framroze

Head of Sales & Biz Dev

We know what it’s like to be an early-stage engineering startup. Everyone wears at least ten different hats. Your team is constantly looking for ways to innovate, all while cutting time and cost.

At Smartcar, our best conversations have happened with exactly those developers — the ones that are hungry for new tools that will help them achieve their goals.

That’s why we launched the Smartcar Garage Program.

Jumpstart your app startup

Our Garage Program gives early-stage app developers the resources they need to take their first car app from development into production.

Right off the bat, all developers who use the Smartcar platform receive a free tier of API calls on up to five vehicles per month. But what if you want to integrate with the Smartcar API and don’t have the means to upgrade from our free tier? Well, drive right in — the Smartcar Garage is for you.

Once you apply and are accepted into the Garage Program, Smartcar will provide you with free monthly API calls across vehicles for a limited time. Our team also provides 1:1 support and access to our test fleet, because we know that integrating and testing with a new tool can be challenging for small engineering teams.

Get to production at a low cost

In a nutshell, the Garage Program permits select startups to integrate with the Smartcar API and to take their app into production at a low cost. Our vision is to empower developers to build the future of mobility. Whether you're building apps for on-demand car washing, car sharing, mileage-based insurance, or fleet management — you can use our car API to build great products and test in production.

Today, our Garage Program startups are using our API to locate vehicles, lock and unlock their doors, read their odometers, and access basic information such as make, model, year, and VIN.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Smartcar Garage, apply here, or reach out to our team. We’re always excited to welcome new faces to Smartcar HQ, and to see folks building amazing apps for cars.

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