Easiest way to integrate apps with cars

Smartcar’s vehicle API enables you to verify mileage, manage EV charging, issue digital car keys, track fleets, and much more.

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Powering mobility worldwide

Smartcar enables mobility businesses to integrate their apps and services with connected cars. Easily retrieve vehicle data and trigger actions with our simple and secure car API. Track a vehicle’s location, verify mileage, charge an EV, share a virtual key, and more.

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Onboard users in seconds

With our Smartcar Connect flow, your customers can instantly and effortlessly link their cars to your app. All it takes is four clicks directly from your mobile application or web portal.

Works with your web or mobile app

Simple and elegant user interface

Supports OAuth2 authorization

Available in multiple languages

Turo mobile app prompting the user to connect their car, allowing approved guests to unlock the vehicle from the Turo app

A stellar developer experience

Our friendly documentation and SDKs allow you to quickly integrate our car API with every tech stack.

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const smartcar = require('smartcar');

// Get all vehicles associated with this access token
const {vehicles} = await smartcar.getVehicles("<access-token>");

// Construct a new vehicle instance using the first vehicle's id
const vehicle = new smartcar.Vehicle(vehicles[0], "<access-token>");

// Fetch the vehicle's location
const location = await vehicle.location();
// Example http response from Smartcar
  "latitude": 37.4292,
  "longitude": 122.1381


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developers like you

More than just a car data API

With our unified developer platform, building and scaling mobility services is a breeze.

One car API for 37 brands

One car API for 37 brands

Our car API is compatible with 37 vehicle makes, allowing your app or service to connect to over 161 million vehicles with a single integration.

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Put your customers in control

Put your customers in control

Smartcar Connect allows your customers to link their cars to your web or mobile app in just a few clicks. Connect is the fastest and most transparent way to collect user consent.

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Our APIs communicate directly with the embedded cellular modem built into most vehicles—no need for aftermarket hardware like OBD-II dongles.

Trusted & secure

Trusted & secure

Smartcar is GDPR and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. Our car API is encrypted with bank-grade SSL/TLS 1.2 and compliant with the OAuth2 authorization protocol.

What our customers say

“Smartcar is making it easier than ever for us to build new and innovative mobility experiences with connected vehicles.”

Andre Haddad

CEO at Turo